Business management organizes and plans the structural guidelines of an organization. We can say that innovation scares, but this is usually because most people are not used to the “new”. The novelty, even if it is a transition for the better, takes some time for people to get used to it. SkySys knows this and that is why we bet on technology, not only as the tool of the future, but of the present. It is the technological challenges that move us, drive us and improve us. We like what we do. We integrate different processes and technological devices that result in a single project: bold and innovative.

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Home automation is part of our DNA. In addition to selling several types of automation for home and industry, such as ceiling motors, sliding motors, transmitters, electronic switchboards, transformers, sectional doors, supports and others; we also develop customized technological solutions tailored to your needs.


We don’t give up on quality. When we commercialize automation products for industries, electricians and panelists, we intend to offer the best cost benefit for what you need, and for this reason, we chose to partner with the English brand IMO PRECISION, with over 60 years of solid reputation in the international market.

Ceiling motors, running, stop, transmitters, receivers, switchboards…

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