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Some projects created and developed by us

Industrial Scales


Estufim Soly

Horse Forge

SK-MT2 Weather Station

Climate Power Modules

The technological challenge is our passion.

Our history

SkySys – Integrated Solutions. The name says it all. Our story begins in 2010, when a friend launched us the challenge of developing an electronic console for the air conditioning of agricultural greenhouses. With an inquisitive and entrepreneurial spirit, professionals from the most diverse areas got together so that the goal was achieved. Based on this flexible, capable and multidisciplinary team, new computer, electronic and mechanical challenges arose. New products and projects were created, always with degrees of complexity and integrability. And it is in this context that, since then, we have never stopped. In the incessant search for innovative and personalised solutions, always adapted to the needs of our clients.

Your dream can come true.

Do you remember, the idea that one day came up, but you gave up because you thought it wouldn’t be possible? It may be.

We are a company passionate about technological challenges. And the more challenging the project, the more interesting it becomes. So, dare to put your idea into practice, perfect processes integrate the different sections and even expand your business. We want and we can help you!


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