Module with AUTOMATIC and / or MANUAL operation

Models for motors/geardmotors, to open ceilings, side and front windows in Power agricultural greenhouses. Composed by elements of proven quality, the power module makes the transition between the control unit (console) and the engine.

Series D contains a operation selector, which allows the user to select the desired operating mode.

Automatic Operation Mode: The climate control console manages the openings automatically.

Manual operation mode: The user handles the openings (OPEN/STOP/CLOSE – System).

In this model the drive element is a high-performance Imo Precision contactor. The breaker-engine and the protective box are from Schneider-electric.

Available in a wide range of power (from 0.25A to 2.5A), Series D can also be adjusted to your real needs (On request).

Series D is adaptable to climatic consoles and motors of the most diverse brands, always with the same reliability and longevity.

Voltage control: 24VAC ou 230VAC
Operation type: Automatic and Manual Mode
Drive type: Contactors
Motors tension: 230VAC ou 400VAC
Engine nominal current: 0,40/0,63/1/1,6/2,5 A
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