SkyCLIMA SK-100+

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Electronic console for the climate management of agricultural greenhouses.

Using the latest technologies, the SkyCLIMA SK-100 + was developed so that the farmer gets the best performances with a correct air-conditioning of his greenhouse [without forced air]. With a simple but innovative variable management system (temperature, wind and rain), the SkyCLIMA SK1-00 + console performs the correct management of the system in order to maximize plant growth.

  • Fast, intuitive and secure parameterization;
  • Innovative system for managing variables (temperature / wind / rain);
  • Advanced technological platform;
  • Switchover between operating modes (manual and automatic) carried out quickly and practically.


VERSATILITY - This equipment allows the installer to choose between power modules at 24VAC or 230VAC (Control circuit).

Perfect conditioner = Happy farmer! The correct management of the variables: Temperature, Wind and Rain, is essential for a fast growth of your plants.

Number of sectors: 1
Probes: Temperature, Wind, Rain
Type Operation: Automatic and / or Manual Mode
Power Modules: A, B, D, I, P, R
Power Supply: 230VAC / 50Hz
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