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The most economical hybrid solution for the climatization of agricultural greenhouses

The economically most affordable and efficient solution on the market for the climate management of agricultural greenhouses.

The SkyCLIMA SK-125 climate control console is a hybrid console that provides the power and control part in a single convenient, easy-to-install box. With this console, connect the motor of the roof or window directly, without needing the usual protection box.

The configuration in Automatic mode is carried out by means of a practical button selector.

The SkyCLIMA SK-125 console also offers the possibility of installing a wind probe (SK-V1) for an efficient safeguarding of the structure of the agricultural greenhouse itself.


  • Selector of Operation: Automatic or Manual;
  • Easy and intuitive variable configuration;
  • Effective temperature control - Temperature probe SK-T4 (Use Required);
  • Definition of wind speed for agricultural greenhouse safety, using the SK-V1 wind probe (Optional Use);


COMPACT - This economical and easy installation equipment was developed specifically for agricultural greenhouses with a single opening.

Compact by choice. Control and power on one console.

Number of engines: 1
Probes: Temperature, Wind
Type Operation: Automatic and / or Manual Mode
Modules Power: Not Applicable
Power Supply: 230VAC / 50Hz
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