Ecosystem SkyEQUESTRE

Integrated system for management of stud farms
The SkyEQUESTRE system arises from the need to overcome the management needs of breeders and their stud farms. Thus SkySYS has developed a series of computer tools and products, the combination of hardware and software a perfect match for optimizing the results of each component.

In partnership with one of the most prestigious studios in Portugal, SkySYS constantly develops a constant search for optimization of processes, in order to constantly overcome the results obtained. When it comes to EXCELLENCE IN EQUINE, SkySYS leaves nothing to chance. Our dedication to perfection constantly challenges the boundaries of quality at every stage of the horse's value chain. As we walk this path, choices are made - norms, techniques, methods, etc. - and we have always chosen the hard way, the most innovative and often the most expensive option to ensure the best possible quality. It is a path deliberately created, consistently and with commitment, so that EXCELLENCE is achieved!

Innovation at the service of Tradition!

Advantages of implementing the SkyEQUESTRE system

It avoids the loss of information
Information sharing among all elements of the stud farm
Feed Individualization
Know the costs per animal; Food; Vet; Others.
Creator and animal life comfort
Access to information on the go
Individual file per animal;
Clinical history (Antecedent in deliveries);
Work history (Hours of classes);
Generic history;
The perfect alliance!
The perfect alliance!

There is a whole world of commitment, knowledge, passion and supervision behind the "HORSE WORLD". With SkyEQUESTRE, SkySYS intends to make available to the horse breeder a whole new world of new technologies and functionalities, but in order not to lose their VALUES and TRADITIONS. Essential factors for the maintenance of this vast world heritage!

Love, Passion, Dedication, Requirement, Tradition - Some of the most usual terms in the "Horse World".
Make decisions based on data, not empirically.
Information is the key factor in this system. With the implementation of this solution, all information is recorded, allowing consultation and sharing among all. Forgetting the accomplishment of tasks, the distribution of the different tasks by the different actors, the scheduling of tasks / tasks, the pre-marking of events, among other functionalities, undoubtedly allow an improvement of the COMFORT OF LIFE, both of the creator and of the animal !
Tools and products that fit the real needs of each Breeder / Horse Riding / Veterinary Center
All stud farms, horseracing centers and veterinary clinics are unique and with their specificities. SkySYS has the ability to tailor its products to each of our customers, as all our products are developed entirely by SkySYS.
Introduce us your specifics and we present solutions!


We study each case individually.

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