Flow Management System
The Association of Beneficiaries of Macedo de Cavaleiros (ABMC), entity responsible for the management of the Azibo irrigation, works daily with the objective of promoting the sustainable and rational use of water.

With the increase of beneficiaries in the region and with a growing environmental concern, the concern was raised to achieve greater control of the entire channel in real time.

The SkyWATERFLOW, an integrated flow management system, emerges.

Specificities and Functionalities

This project has as key points of operation: Real-Time Monitoring and Remote Control of Openings.

For the realization of this project, it was necessary to intervene in the different values of SkySYS, namely at the computer, electronic and mechanical level.

The combination and interconnection between the different areas allowed the development and implementation of the SkyWATERFLOW project.

  • In order to last through the years, a steel structure in stainless steel was created, where all the components are installed.

    In order to minimize costs, the structure has been designed to fit the existing reality, thus avoiding unnecessary costs.

    The following points are highlighted:

     - Customized metal structure;
     - Automation (Gearmotor + Transmission System);
     - Metallic solar panels stand.

Due to the large number of different sensors and variables required, an electronic board was developed to meet the specific requirements of this project.

Of note are the following control systems:

 - Limit switches;
 - Security systems;
 - Automatic detection of consumption;
 - Sensors - Water level measurement;
 - Autonomy - Solar energy;

At the computer level, two dedicated software tools were developed: Mobile Solution and Central Solution.

The Mobile Solution allows the user to individually access the duck nozzles, analyzing the flow rates and can even remotely control the opening of the floodgates, through a smartphone or tablet with internet access.

The Central Solution allows the complete management of the whole channel, managing the information, managing the water levels and also allows the opening control of all the floodgates.

It has as main functionalities:
 - Online monitoring;
 - Real-time communication;
 - Automatic collection of information;
 - Remote control of openings.


Prepares the future of agriculture in Macedo de Cavaleiros

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